Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Never Too Late

Our eyes have met
Blushing occurs
With words unspoken
We can feel each other’s stare
Garnering interest,
but stuck In the moment;
not knowing which way to break the ice
We don’t speak, only connect
Just a hallway away
Unable to capitalize on the moment
With a series of bad decisions
Our paths continue to cross
Hearts drawn, but still unable to speak
Life continues to hand us despair
Avoidable relationships
If only words could have been spoken sooner
When opportunity knocks
It's Never Too Late
We’ve finally talked
A Match made in Heaven
10 years without words
Without any regrets
Just ready to move forward
3rd time’s the charm
Rewarded for all of the pain
With lifetime of Mrs. Added to your name


  1. Champ wow this was nice babe! I felt the draw that brought you closer. Tell me these words expressed so fluently, lovingly could only come from firsthand experience?

    "Eyes met blushing occurs"...I love that!

  2. @ Meagan Yes the connection was definetly strong and real.

  3. I LOVE this Champ!!!!!!! This is how I am feeling right at this very moment...Its never too late...If it's meant to be, it WILL!

  4. Sounds like you have re-connected with a past interest. We must be brothers in spirit, cause we appear to experience similar events in our lives. The believer in me won't allow myself to ever feel like it's too late.

    Rewarded for all of the pain
    I feel you, bruh.

  5. Some things, or people, are worth waiting for! Especially when the subject of your affection is the prize. And true love is the reward!!
    Waiting would have been difficult but don't you believe it all happened just as it was meant too. Love your Love Story Champ!

  6. @Katherine..... So true and thankyou!

  7. LOVED IT!!! Sounds personal. It's nice when it works out that way, but I know first hand....there have been plenty of TOO LATE's in my book. What is suppose to be will be!!

  8. @Tia's Real Talk....It was personal and thanks 4 blessing my page with ur presence.


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