Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lost Without You

By Anonymous

Don't know if you've been thinking about me. But I have been thinking about you. I feel like my other half is gone somewhere far away. I sure didn’t plan for our departure. Every day for the past 9days since we last spent time together, all I could think about was you. Like was you thinking about me and the kids, funny pastimes we shared, intimate moments from gazing into each other’s eyes to having deep conversations or while pondering on deep thoughts to enjoying us. We have so much in common and ahead of us. We hold hands while cuddling up together watching TV shows. Imitating characters from our favorite movies, finishing each other’s sentences or just being able to look into each other’s face being able to tell what one another's thinking without saying a word. Talk about Chemistry :-) not to mention incredible sex. With all that being said, there’s nobody I’d rather spend my time/days with than you good and bad ones. I Love You!

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