Monday, December 28, 2009

What the price of a "One Night Stand"

In a world where one night stands are common occurrences, are we really prepared for repercussions of these sexual encounters? Are we actually equipped to handle what affect these experiences will have on our mind, body, and souls? Can you walk away from these occurrences with your reputation and dignity intact? I’m going to break these “One night stands” down into three parts mind, body, and soul.
Mind refers to the aspects of intellect and consciousness manifested into combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will, and imagination. First things first did you actually think about this decision thoroughly? Were you prepared with contraception? Did you actually plan it out or was it a random act? Were you emotionally connected to the individual or were you able to walk away without any regrets? Did you do it under your own will, were you manipulated or under the influence? Is your partner someone who does this all the time or are the both of you doing it for the first time? While most cases people wouldn’t know half these answers. This is just an example of how the risks out way the rewards because the only reward is pleasure which isn’t a guarantee either.
Your Body is supposed to be your temple, and you supposed to protect it at all times. Did you know that every time you have intercourse with somebody that they become a part of you? Are you able to except that reality? Did you think about the risk of pregnancy and the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases that can kill you or stay with you for life? According to the American Social Health Association 19 million new STD cases are reported in United States every year. Your body is to be respected and not worth the risk of damaging because of one night of passion.
Soul is the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being. It is what many believe gets you into the kingdom of Heaven. Intercourse is supposed to be under God, between Husband and Wife, and used for the purpose of procreation. Now I’m no saint, but if you got a chance to make it right: then make it right. Why put your soul up for collateral, while living your life lateral, choosing passion over judgment. Deception over reputation and not realizing the real lies that are used for the opportunist to take opportune time to help agonize, demoralize, and hypnotize you into ignoring your spiritual obligation. In the end is a “One night stand” worth the price of your mind body, and soul.

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